The International Vision Of The OSI Group

The OSI Group began as a European brand that now stands as the largest of its kind within American borders. There are no borders in meat processing however. The international vision of the OSI Group is a by product of the agency’s realization of a simple business principle. The expanding world will undoubtedly consume more food.The food of the OSI Group reaches a variety of brands that include the biggest names we have in American chain restaurants. The constant demand of these food agencies in the United States is a representation of the demand these products have across the world. Every major country from China, to Japan and London all have the McDonald’s food chain.

Expansion On The Horizon

The OSI Group supplies meat and other food products that brands like Pizza Hut use. Working as a major meat processor puts OSI Group in the perfect position for expansion. We consider the world’s population and the access that emerging countries have to the media of the United States. This planetary exposure builds a certain curiosity that expands businesses.The production of foods like burritos in Mexico inspires the entire world to develop the same products for themselves. This is true for the founding food-chains of the United States. World economies are expanding and are integrating with a large variety of goods and services. The cultural experience of these nations is boosting the demand of businesses like OSI Group.

Rising Demand And The Rising Duties Of OSI

Rising demand is not an easy concept to manage. The food preparations of OSI, within the United States, has to undergo adjustments. These adjustments are made for the different regulations of foreign nations. They impose these on food and the businesses who process meat. The work in the hands of OSI Group expands but with care and caution.The success of the OSI Group, however, gives it an opportunity that no other agency can approach in the same manner. Sheldon Lavin is the company’s CEO, and his strong vision pushes on the limits of international potential and rising demand. The rising nations of the world give OSI Group greater business and a larger place in the world market.

Securus Technologies Providing Inmate Communication Services Thats Reliable and Affordable For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The

For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are top notch and know to deliver value for money to the customers, whether it is the law enforcement agencies or the inmates.


Thanks to the investigative services and solutions offered by Securus Technologies, the crime rate inside the prison has reduced drastically in the last few years in the facilities where the company services. The supply and flow of contraband in and out of jail has also reduced drastically, and it is these results that Securus Technologies is helping law enforcement agencies achieve that has made the company a preferred partner of most of the correctional facilities these days.


Even though till now the company has been primarily dominating the North American market, the company is planning to extend its market in the other parts of the country as well. Presently, around 3,500 correctional facilities are using the services of Securus Technologies; over a million inmates in these facilities are dependent on the company for communication services.


The company understands the pain and the situation of the inmates who are incarcerated and away from family and it is why it aims to develop technology that would help reduce the communication cost and increase communication opportunities in the future. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, said in a press release recently that the company is focusing on research and development so that it can upgrade its technology and develop new ones so that the inmates can communicate with their loved ones more often without having to spend a fortune.


The products and services of the company are much appreciated by the customers, including the law enforcement officers. Securus Technologies recently published the comments by the customers of the company through a press release.



Ecommerce and AI Strategies that Work with Online Retail Stores

If you are currently an online merchant, you may be looking for the most innovative ways to improve your business. Though there are many different ways to increase your profits, some of the most notable and highly recommended have already been proven to work well and efficiently. So, you may want to look into the possibilities of adding one of the latest trends like Ecommerce Personalization tools to your site. Since ecommerce personalization provides a wide range of different great benefits, you should become familiar with what they are first so that you can begin to grow your business.

So, for those merchants who want to know what benefits that this type of ecommerce strategy supplies, here are 3 of the top benefits of adding a well thought out and planned Ecommerce Personalization strategies to your business’ website.

Attracts More Customers to Your Website

When a new site is launched on the web, it may not have immediate success that many of the newer site owners expect. In fact, the time in which it takes to attract customers to the site usually depends on the promotions and strategies used to ensure more customers are coming to the site every day. This is one of the reasons why online retail store personalization tactics can be so beneficial to the new merchant. For instance, according to recent statistics on this subject matter, 59% of all online shoppers are more apt to cater to sites that offer personalized online retail stores since these sites make the shopping experiences much easier and beneficial to them as an individual shopper. Specifically, since they are offering more interesting products as they shop around for the items that they need.


Improve Customer Loyalty

In addition to attracting more customers to the website, ecommerce personalization along with artificial intelligence is also ideal for improving customer loyalty. Based on current trends, 56% of customers are much likely to return to the ecommerce store again when this type of concept is used. Specifically, since these sites are known for recommending great buys and affordable pricing to enhance the customer’s experience. Furthermore, because of the data that has been gathered and analyzed, these sites can offer items that fit the individual’s interest.

When a new merchant is interested in boosting their sales, they may want to incorporate strategies into their websites that work. One of the most beneficial includes marketing concepts like ecommerce personalization strategies and the like.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

Betsy DeVos considers herself a reformer. The Calvin College graduate spent all of her years involving herself in campus politics and hasn’t looked back.


DeVos is the current Sec. of Education and wife of Billionaire CEO Dick DeVos. Mrs. DeVos political involvement includes ten years as the head of Michigan’s Republican Party Chair, several political action committees and a behind the scenes force for her husband when he ran in 2006 to unseat Jennifer Granholm.


The DeVoses are always looking for innovative solutions. She was the chairperson of the Windcrest Group, a privately owned corporation that invests in clean energy. The family also owns the Orlando Magic NBA team.


Most importantly, Mrs. DeVos donated a great deal of time to she and her husband’s non-profit — the Dick and Betsy DeVos Charitable Foundation. What she is perhaps best known for is her devotion to education.


For many years, she has pushed for school choice. Although the idea didn’t exactly catch fire in Michigan, she and her husband were able to get other states to jump on the bandwagon.


Mrs. DeVos says she is very pleased with all of the states that added educational choice programs. Today there are 24, along with the District of Columbia. She feels that there are a number of failing schools in Michigan that aren’t serving the needs of the students.


She says her visits to the Potter House Christian School is what really motivated her. The school is attended by children from lower income families. Mrs. DeVos says she was overwhelmed at how close the families were and how eager the children were to learn.


The tuition was a burden on many of the families. The DeVoses began sponsoring the tuition for many of the families. This really motivated Mrs. DeVos to work for change. While she was instrumental in seeing through Michigan’s 1993 charter school bill, the 2000 bill didn’t fare so well.


In 2000, she and her husband tried to implement tax credit scholarships and vouchers into the constitution. The bill did not pass to her disappointment.


“It was a tragedy because so many children in Michigan were not being served and stuck in under-performing schools.


Apart from educational reforms, Mrs. DeVos says she is very receptive to digital learning. She says she’s always amazed when she sees her grandchildren navigating an iPad. She says children should have the opportunity to embrace these technologies. Learn more:


Four Things To Know About Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is a place you might find yourself at if you plan on visiting Samoa or have to make a pit stop there. Although the airport isn’t one of the largest in the world, many people still go there on a regular basis. With that said, below are four things to know about the airport.

Where Is Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I airport is located in Samoa. It’s located right in Fagali’I, right by Main East Coast Road. FGI is the IATA code for the airport, and NSFI is the ICAO code. The road it is on is Plantation Road.

How To Get To The Airport

There are a number of ways to get to Fagali’I Airport, with one of them being you can drive to it. Taking a cab is another option and you can fly on one of the airlines that serves the airport. In short, you can get to this airport the same way you’d get to any other airport, except via train and bus according to

What’s Nearby

There are a number of things to do in the area, and this includes visiting the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum or staying at one of the nearby accommodations according to There’s also a golf course in the area and the National University of Samoa isn’t too far.


Not many airlines operate from the airport. In fact, there’s only two, which are Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Samoa Airways flies to and from Pago Pago, while Talofa Airways flies to and from Pago Pago and Tonga. In the past, there has been other airlines, but as of now Samoa and Talofa are the only ones that have a hub there.

Now you know where Fagali’I Airport is located, how to get there, what’s nearby and what airlines fly to and from it. If you plan on flying to Samoa, the chances are you might fly into Fagali’I Airport.

Search more about Fagali’I Airport:

The Origins of the Fontera Fund

In 2007, two Village Voice Media executives, Lacey and Jim Larkin, were without consent taken from their homes in the Phoenix Area into unmarked SUV’s. The well known SEU, Selective Enforcement Unit of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sent these two individuals to separate jails. They were wrongfully imprisoned, stating to other inmates as the reason for being there as “writing.”


Phoenix News Times received several grand jury subpoenas from allies in the Attorney Office of Arpaio on writers, editors, and readers. Both the two executives chose this as an opportunity not to shrink away from the subpoenas, but write about them instead. Phoenix News Times had been known to produce stories talking about the workings of Arpaio. How he unlawfully imprisons individuals based solely on racial profiling and how the horrific treatment of inmates. Some inmates receive bad treatment, while others have subsequently died in their time at the jails managed by Arpaio.


Having been wrongfully taken into custody because of not allowing the expression of First Amendment rights, Arpaio’s abuse of power cost the Maricopa County $3.7 million dollars in a settlement paid to Lacey and Larkin. Instead of using this money for themselves, this money was put into launching the Frontera Fund. This was created to fund the efforts of organizations that promote equality in the Hispanic community.


Both Lacey and Larkin see the fear Arpaio has placed within their community because of his handling and tactics regarding the Hispanic community. By administering these dollars to nonprofit organizations, Hispanic rights and causes will now have a stronger voice and impact.

The Role of Securus Technologies in the Correctional Services

There is nothing that we value like family. We can always count on it, at all times. We all make mistakes. However, when one of us commit a crime that requires them to face the law, we become sad and stressed. It means we don’t get to see this person as often as we used to see them. Securus Technologies has helped changed this story; you have nothing to fear anymore.

Securus Technology has improved the lives of the inmates. This has not compromised the safety of the public. The company is responsible for the safety of both parties.

Securus Technologies has provided the correctional services with numerous devices for different purposes. For example, the administration department has been equipped with tools that help monitor everything that goes on in the cell.

The monitoring helps to ensure that the bullying that used to happen in the cells does not occur. Some inmates say that they always feared for their life. Those who have been in jail for long say they witnessed many convicts get killed by corrupted officers. This is through the collaboration with outsiders who had committed crimes together.

The Securus gadgets have helped solve this issue permanently. Many officers have been arrested and punished for these crimes. Through this cases, the administration has also found leads that helped solve crimes.

The company has also provided the inmates with gadgets that allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones. Relatives of inmates say that communicating with them helps in fastening the healing process. This is because the bitterness in the inmates ceases. They also become determined to become better individuals to rejoin their families. This is because they feel loved by the people who check on them in jail.

The Securus Technologies has changed the face of the detention facilities. It is now safe and meaningful.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Improving Brazil’s Economy Through Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an entrepreneur who has grown over time to get to his current position as the president of the second largest bank equity, the Bradesco Bank. He was born in 1951, in Marilia, Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo where he majored in Philosophy, Letters, and Sciences. Later on, he pursued Socio-Psychology at Fundacio School of Sociology and Politics.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco kick-started his venture at Banco Bradesco as a clerk, at age 18. After numerous tasks and assignments, he moved up the ladder and was made the marketing director, over a decade later. During his tenure as marketing director, the bank was able to receive recognition from the media and was associated with modernization. He held this position for 8 years and moved up the rank to be Bradesco Providencia’s president and executive director.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco uplifted the enterprise’s status by signing the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, which is among the largest accomplishments of the group. Bradesco Seguros was able to sponsor the initiative for 20 years consecutively. Luiz Carlos Trabuco served in this post up to 1998 and later got promoted to be the executive vice president of the company a year later and then president after four years.

As president of Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to grow the company twice as much as it was worth and uplifted it to secure a 25% in the county’s market. During this time, the group’s insurance company paced up from 25% to 35% of its performance result and secured the rank as the largest in its field in Latin America. Having held different posts in the bank for a period of 40 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was given the Bank’s general presidency in 1991, and this made him the third, after the late Amador Aguiar who was the founder.

Since then, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been recognized with several awards. Among these is the 2015 recognition of being the finance sector Entrepreneur of the year by Isto E Dinheiro magazine and an appearance among the 100 most influential people in Brazil, in 2009. Seven years later the Forbes magazine ranked Luiz Carlos Trabuco among the top CEO’s in the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco attributes his leadership to giving his best while in service. He thereby made the delicate decision of purchasing HSBC’s Brazillian branch for $5.2 billion. Having acquired this asset, the Bank joined the top competitors for who was the next big thing in the private sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco later says that with the acquisition of HSBC, the company now has made an accomplishment which would have at least taken them another six years to achieve. This move secured Luiz Carlos Trabuco the honor of being the entrepreneur of the year in finance.

In 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco received an accolade of being the Insurance Personality of the year, just after he took over the command of leading the largest Brazilian insurance group. Over the years of work in Bradesco, he has been able to incorporate the insurance concept to the banking area and championed for the utilization of the broker channel to sell insurance. Putting the company’s tradition aside, Luiz Carlos Trabuco acquired personnel from not only within but also out of the group to fill in leadership positions. It is also during his tenure that a corporate university, Unibrad was created.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is positive about the market’s future and believes that the insurance platform is more of a helping hand in the state’s responsibility to maintain social well being. He later adds that with the changing world, insurance consideration is mandatory and cannot be left unattended. The sector has been able to gain more importance over time thereby catalyzing its urgency.


Jeremy Goldstein, a Legal Expert on Employee Matters

We all need a lawyer at one point in life. When it comes to business related issues, no advocate comes in handy like Jeremy Goldstein. As an American lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has been able to cultivate healthy working relationships with past and present clients hence his outstanding reputation. Through the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates where Jeremy works as Partner, Jeremy has been able to assist company employees in solving many legal battles with much success.


With over fifteen years of working experience, it is only reasonable that you hire Jeremy Goldstein when you reach a point of no return in life. Before 2014, Jeremy worked as an Associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP. In 2000, Goldstein decided to move to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz where he was able to assume the role of Partner. With such an impressive working record, Jeremy now fully understands what it takes to win a big case.


However, Jeremy would never have made it as a lawyer without his Juris Doctor in Law obtained from the New York University School of Law. Other accolades under Goldstein’s belt include a Master of Arts in Art History as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. As a young man, Jeremy attended The Pringy School where he was able to build a foundation for his success. In totality, Jeremy is a man who has spared most of his time familiarizing with the tools of his trade.


As a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has always gotten overly concerned about corporate compensation matters and in particular, employee benefits. Over the years, Jeremy has been able to help big brands like Duke Energy, Verizon, Merck, AT&T, Bank One, and Chevron. Goldstein has always gotten overwhelmed by cases whereby an employer decided to stop providing the employees of a company with stock options.


Although many reasons force an employer to cut out on the issuance of stock options, Jeremy feels that something can get done to alleviate the situation. In most cases, employees stop giving out stock options when their value starts to depreciate thus making them worthless. Also, overhang might be another contributor as to why employees deny workers with stock options. However, Jeremy Goldstein prescribes that with the right strategies in place, employees can always prevent the downsides that come with stock options thus being in a position of rewarding employees all year round. By implementing some knockout options, the stock options get protected from financial changes. As a result, employees get frequently rewarded thus enabling them to lead better lives. Therefore, Goldstein is a lawyer competent enough to salvage you from a possible downfall.


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End Citizens United Promotes Free Speech

End Citizens United is a grassroots group. It is focused on keeping black money out of politics. It has just endorsed Rep. Jacky Rosen, for U.S. Senate. This organization has 28,000 members in Nevada. Across the US, End Citizens United has 3 million people.

This is an important move as Nevada has always been charged of campaign finance abuses. This is because billionaire mega donors have been spending millions on the election campaigns of their hand-picked candidates. On the other hand, the average contribution that comes from the grassroots members of End Citizens United is $14.

Besides, End Citizens United is surely not against free speech. It has a simple goal to end Citizens United. This refers to the Supreme Court decision of 2010 that suddenly allowed a lot of corporate as well as special-interest money to flow into the elections. As far as Nevada is concerned, outside spending managed to increase by more than $87 million post this Citizens United. Due to this, politicians were being easily bought as a large number of mega donors came up suddenly.

With this, a broken system has come up. It is full of special interests. It has managed to leave the Nevada families behind in this system. There are super PACs who are backed by corporates. Hence they come with millions of dollars. They are able to bring out airwaves. This way the TVs are bombarded with ads. This way the voices of the real Nevadans get drowned.

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Once outside groups begin to control the airwaves, politicians do not serve their constituents, but start to serve their mega donors. This is because they are the ones who are guaranteeing their victory in the next upcoming election.

Today money has infested all the aspects of our democracy. Politicians do not feel responsible to all those who have elected them. In this way, the American people are paying for it.

There have been examples where the elected Senators may be taking a stance based on the views and consent from the mega donors.

Now the Americans from any political party agree that the costs of prescription drug need to reduce. Also, the student loan crisis should also be controlled. Yet this has not happened in Washington DC.

There are too many politicians who are a part of these special interests now. This is because members of Congress may be paying more attention to all those who are lining their pockets. They are ignoring all those who have voted for them.

Hence End Citizens United is standing up to all these special interests. They want a level playing field. This is because the mega-rich should not get a leg up. These lobbyists as well as corporations should not be allowed to call the shots.

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