Squaw Valley Keeps the Public Informed On Their Water Contamination

Clean water is necessity and public concern. Water contamination can be a very serious issue if not addressed with a sense of urgency. The public may assume the worst when they hear “water contamination” in the headlines of the news. The level of contamination can vary drastically and each case is not as critical as the next but should be taken seriously regardless. Precautionary action and transparency is crucial in any case of water contamination. Keeping the public informed is the best of action and public statements are often the most beneficial source of truth. Such is the case with Squaw Valley.


Squaw Valley, a popular ski resort located in Olympic Valley California, experienced an unforeseen setback in October after heavy rain resulted in water contamination. Squaw Valley identified the contamination and took quick action to address the issue and keep their guests safe from the contaminated water. The Placer County Environmental Health department tested the water and found traces of bacterial coliform and e-coli. The contaminated water is contained and poses no health risk to guests at this time.


Placer County Environmental Health continues to monitor the progress of Squaw Valley’s water and reports that the water condition is showing improvement. Three of the the four wells tested have no traces of e-coli. Despite their setback in October, Squaw Valley remains open and operating with top to bottom skiing available. Until the water tests clear of coliform, Squaw Valley is providing bottled water to guests as a precaution.


Squaw Valley has remained transparent throughout the water contamination incident and keeps the public informed on their progress. A water contamination can happen in many ways but the the way a company addresses the issue is critical to their success. The contaminated water never came in contact with Squaw Valley guests or public but the resort chose to be honest with its guests and the public. Squaw Valley’s honestly is commendable and an excellent example of how to address a critical issue in the best way possible. Squaw Valley expects their water to be clear of contamination in the near future.

Jason Hope – Engadget Recap

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who believes whole heartedly in the future of technology, and specifically, technology that supports longevity in the human race. Jason Hope believes that if we all band together, we can fight aging and the medical conditions that cause aging and illness, and instead, lengthen our life span for healthier more vital lives.

Jason knows that in order for there to be progress in the research field to find cures for age-related illnesses, it takes more than just a desire to find these cures, it takes funding in order to do the proper research. That is why Jason Hope is an avid believer and supporter of SENS Foundation, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, “the world’s leading charity dedicated to advancing the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies for the diseases and disabilities of aging.” His goal is to help the charity raise money to support their work, help train new and student researchers so that they can go forward with as team leaders one day and continue the work of those who are paving the path now. He lobbies for others to follow suit and donate to this cause, because he knows that their work is now, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of many when it comes to fighting anti-aging illnesses. Jason Hope does not believe that illnesses and disabilities have to be an inevitable part of life; that we can curb and stop the process so that we can preserve health and life.

Mr. Hope is also a firm believer in entrepreneurship and proudly supports those who have dedicated their lives to growing their own and unique business. He donates and supports entrepreneurs who have the next big ideas in technology because he knows that coming up with the idea isn’t always the hardest part of entrepreneurship, it is getting the financial backing to support the idea and help get it off the ground.

Jason Hope continually works to serve the community in the best way he can to help humanity and his communities. He is a selfless humanitarian who only wants to give of himself to his Arizona’s communities and humanitarian organizations that will put his donations to good use, for the better of people.

Michael Zomber: The Creativity In Screenwriting

Michael Zomber is a master storyteller. This is something that very few people even in the entertainment industry can claim. For one thing, it takes a certain talent and sensibility to be able to tell a good story.

There are also a lot of things that go into the story that can make or break it. In order to handle stories, one has to make sure that he has the attention of the audience. Then he has to be able to keep the audience and take them on a journey. While good stories entertain, great stories educate as well.

One very important aspect of storytelling that Michael Zoomber deals with is characterization. The characters have to be fleshed out. Among the pieces of information that bring the character to life are the backstory, his beliefs, his goals, his motivations, and plenty of other aspects.

Another important aspect of the story is the setting, which includes the time and place. In some cases, a story could be set around a historical event.

According to White Pages, for instances, Michael Zomber often sets his stories in Japan during the time of the Samurai. One of the reasons is that this is his favorite time period and Japan is his favorite culture.

Michael is very knowledgeable about history, and he collects antiques of older cultures. He also does a lot of research on the artifacts that he collects. Among the pieces of information is what type of artifact it is and what it is used for.

This is what makes him one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Japanese history. The History Channel has seen how reliable and dedicated he is.

Therefore, he has been featured on a documentary about Japanese history. That show has turned out to be a hit. It has also made him famous.

Learn more about Michael Zoomber: https://about.me/mzomber

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist and respected business owner.

A lawsuit was recently issued in opposition to the defendant the AIG, or the New Hampshire Insurance Company, by the plaintiff the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment, or AHBE. The grievance alleges a violation of their lawful agreement revolving around resolving accusations with their previous general manager, Danny Ferry.

AHBE was supposedly protected underneath their agreement which was intended to defend them from particular losses concerning service actions. This would include being unjustly fired and any office related complaints.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment’s ownership group decided on a buyout for a private sum of money, http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/. This concluded the agreement that extended across a six year period, with a value of 18 million dollars.

The complaint filed by Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment contends that the New Hampshire Insurance Company refused to declare that a claim was issued to activate the plan they had as an agreement. The grievance alleges that AIG is compelled to pay out as stated by their agreement due to Danny Ferry’s breaking of the agreement, yet AIG declined.

Bruce Levenson announced his desire to sell his ownership stake from a Time reported controversy that encircled the business. The United Communications Group, or, the UGC, is Co-founded by Bruce Levenson and was created in 1977. Prior to establishing the UCG Levenson was a writer at the Washington Star and the Observer Publishing group. He is the Director of TechTarget and also carries this role for their internet development, TechTarget.com.

Bruce Levenson is committed to numerous munificent events as a humanitarian. Once, the “I Have a Dream Foundation” had Bruce appointed as their President. He owns the venture, Atlanta Spirit. He acquired a Bachelor’s in the area of Art from the distinguished Washington University and has a Juris Doctor’s from the esteemed American University. Information on this article cn be sourced from Wikipedia.