The Role of Madison Street Capital in the Merger Between the Spitfire Group and DG Software Value

Madison Street is a well-known international investment banking company that is transforming the lives of many people. The firm serves the middle market, and it has done well since it was founded decades ago. Just recently, the company acted as the financial advisor when DCG Software Value, an international provider of software, function analysis, and software management merged with an institution known as The Spitfire Group. Spitfire Group is a respected business oriented technology company that is based in Denver.


The successful transaction was publicly announced by the current chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. According to Charles, the process was led by Rodgers Jay. However, Botchway did not disclose the terms of the transaction. Botchway says that the two companies have the best leadership. According to him, the leaders are experienced, especially in management, and this played a crucial role in the success of the transactions. Botchway also said that his company loved working with the two institutions, and he stated that both were leaders in the information technology industry.


One of the leaders of the company, Harris said that this was their first engagement with Madison Street Capital, and it was a great success. Harris congratulated the Jay Rodgers led team, saying that they did an excellent job. Jay has a lot of expertise, and he offered the analysis and insights needed to make everything smooth. He also said that the three companies were going to maintain a close relationship in the future so that they can grow.


Madison Street Capital is considered to be one of the most successful global investment banking firms in the world. Since it was established, the company is committed to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service to delivering the best corporate financial advisory solutions, financial opinions, merger and acquisition solutions, valuation services and many other services to private and public held enterprises. The products and services offered by the international company have played a vital role in ensuring that the corporation clients do well in the current competitive marketplace. Institutions that have worked with the company say that they got the best services, and this has earned the company a lot of respect.


Madison Street Capital reputation has played a fundamental role in the company’s success. When undertaking any projects, the needs of the customers are given the top priority, and this ensures that the customer satisfaction. The institution has done a lot for communities around the world too.


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“Find Your Dream Car At Beverly Hills Auto Group”

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High Returns With Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management, L.P is the parent company for Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, L.P, and Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. Together these companies manage nearly $18 billion of assets. Highland Capital is registered with the SEC. The company was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada back in 1993. The areas in which Highland Capital specializes are credit strategies which include equity long-only funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, special situation equity funds and collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital enjoys a diverse client base which such as pension plans, endowments, foundations, corporations, governments, people of high net worth, and fund of funds. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul.

New Investment Opportunities

Recently, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd won a health care based private equity fund with $147 million in total commitments. The anchor investor for this fund is South Koreas National Pension Service (NPS). NPS was founded in 1988 and is worth approximately $465 billion. This will be Highland Capitals first venture into the health care related private equity business. This is a natural fit for Highland Capital, as they have over 15 years’ experience in managing health care related funds.



The company’s founder, James Dondero, is not only known as a successful investment advisor, but also as a generous philanthropist. Even though he manages a global company, he is known to be generous towards charities especially local charities. In fact, the charitable side of things grew to the point where it needed its own manager. After looking for one Mr.Dondero settled with The Dallas Foundation, headed by Mary Jalonick.


Gains in Oil

As mentioned earlier, Highland Capital Management is involved is several investments. This also includes the petroleum business, which falls under Highland Alternative investments. This department is headed by Michael Gregory. His oil related stock picks has resulted in triple returns of the S&P 500 Index, last year, or 31.6% in 2016. Mr. Gregory also oversees the small-cap fund which is worth $55 million in assets.

Jason Hope Explains the Benefits of IoT in Air Travel

The Internet of Things is largely influencing almost every aspect of society today and is continually evolving. Technological entrepreneur, Jason Hope, discusses areas in which the IoT has improved air travel. Some areas of air travel service improvement include: safety, customer service, baggage handling, and fuel efficiency. Air travel safety is improved through the usage of IoT in planes like the Virginia Atlantic Boeing 787s which have a wireless connection throughout the entire plane. This connection allows for monitored maintenance of the plane as well as assessment of efficiency of life jackets and toolboxes to ensure the utmost safety of the passengers. Furthermore, IoT is improving the condition of customer service during air travel.

This include help with navigation through an airport as well as a rating of customer satisfaction to aid in the improvement of flight satisfaction. In the future, there will be IoT technology that will simplify the baggage handling process by having a passenger’s baggage arrive to his/her location. Lastly, IoT optimizes fuel efficiency and monitors the usage of auxiliary power units. The words of Jason Hope ring true, air travel is certainly benefitting from IoT.Jason Hope, a native of Arizona, divides his time and focus between issues of heart and mind.

Jason Hope received a degree in finance from Arizona State University as well as a MBA at ASU’S Carey School of Business. He utilizes this knowledge through his entrepreneurship in the state of Arizona as well as throughout the nation. Mr. Hope is also a passionate philanthropist especially for the growth and promotion of technological devices in the health field.His philanthropy includes a $500,000 donation to SENS Foundation. The donation was contributed for the promotion of research of rejuvenation biotechnologies to help with issues of human ageing and its associated diseases. This is one of many philanthropic causes Jason Hope promotes.