The Career and Philanthropic Activities of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the wife of former Amway CEO Dick DeVos. Over the years Betsy has had a long and successful career in business. She has also been very well known for her activities in charitable causes. On a regular basis, Betsy makes donations to a number of causes pertaining to education, the arts and the promotion of conservative values. When it comes to her accomplishments in business, Betsy has been involved with the companies the Windquest Group and Neurocare. These companies have been among the best in their respective industries. As of today, Betsy is the current secretary of education under the administration of President Donald Trump.

One of the things that Betsy has been quite active in is education. During her lifetime, she has looked to promote the value of school vouchers and school choice for everyone. She believes that the education system needs improvement and that it is only fair to allow parents and students to choose the school they want to be a part of. As a result, Betsy has pushed for giving parents and students a school choice. This program would allow them to choose a school that they believe is best suited to the students’ needs. With school choice, students will likely get a better quality education as a result. Another thing that Betsy has looked to promote is vouchers where people can attend private school with the assistance of public money. This will also be instrumental in allowing students to enhance the overall quality of their educational experience.

Another thing that Betsy Devos has been quite active in with her charity work is the arts. She regularly makes donations to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. This organization holds a number of events to entertain the public. Like many other organizations, it needs funding and Betsy has helped it raise capital. While some of the contributions Betsy makes provide the organization with money needed to hold events, it is also used to educate and train the management of the arts organization. Part of the training helps the managers find the most effective ways to raise capital. With the help of Betsy, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has been able to meet and surpass their fundraising goals on a consistent basis.


In terms of her business experience, Betsy has been a part of the Windquest Group. At this company, she has been the chairwoman. The company invests in a number of industries such as technology, manufacturing and clean energy. The company was founded in the year 1989 and has maintained its status as a leader in providing capital for companies in these industries. She is also one of the chief investors and board members of Neurocare. This company specializes in providing biofeedback therapy for a number of mental disorders such as depression, autism, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. Check this article from New York Post.

Little you probably did not know about Oncotarget Journal

Oncotarget is a journal dedicated to providing the world with reliable information about the field of medicine. On establishment, the entire journal was devoted to offering a deep understanding of the examination and treatment of cancer. Oncotarget was founded in 2010 and is an open access journal.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and A.V. Gudkov are the editors in chief of the journal. Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist who dedicated his life to studying cancer and aging. Today, Blagosklonny works as a professor at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute, New York. Through the help of these two scientists, Oncotarget has been in a position to continue publishing groundbreaking work.

The Oncotarget journal is reviewed on a weekly basis. Their posts are released online on a free access site to enable a maximum number of audiences. Primarily, they used to publish oncology papers only, but due to reliability by readers for providing accurate information, they opted to diversify. Today, they also cover other fields such as microbiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and cardiology. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

In 2011, Oncotarget was ranked as the best journal by Thompson Reuter JCR Impact Factor. The journal continues to hold the position up to date. The Journal has managed to beat all odds in the market because their posts have always remained well-organized for every reader to comprehend quickly. Also, having Blagosklonny and Gudkov as editors in the fields which they are passionate about, has made it possible for the journal to continue publishing not only accurate information but also that which is up to date. Additionally, Oncotarget understands the impact social media can influence. Therefore, they have ensured that their social media presence is felt in all the platforms available to provide a maximum audience outreach across the globe.

In the recent past, via Oncotarget, Rochester Medical Center published an article on the harmful effects of e-cigarette. The fact that e-cigarette has become a recent trend made this particular post so crucial. According to this study, a belief held by a majority that e-cigarette had no detrimental effects on their health was proven wrong. Dr. Irfan Rahman and his team found out that e-cigarette had long-term harmful effects on the user’s lungs and gum tissues. Also, recently Oncotarget published a post on the actual results of MET application in the gastric cancer treatment. Check Oncotarget journal at

What Awaits Visitors Headed to the Maniara Shopping Mall Owned By Roberto Santiago?

The Manaira Shopping mall has transformed and revolutionized, the once small town of, Joao Pessoa in the heart of Brazil. Since the behemoth structure opened in 1989, the economy of the seaside region has picked up momentum, exponentially. Folks come because they are guaranteed of finding whatever it is they search. Residents flock here, by the tens of thousands daily, ostensibly for the incredible customer service and the discounted products on offer.

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Something for the Whole Family

Teenage kids love to stop by the complex to have fun watching movies and playing arcade games. Families are fond of coming here for the excellent children entertainment amenities available for instance the amusement park called the Game Station. Couples are always coming here to spend a romantic time at one of the fine wining and dining establishment running within the mall. On special nights, the elegant ballroom holds masquerade balls and events and the events are often sold-out.

Introducing Domus Hall

The facilities come complete with 11 movie rooms each equipped with state-of-the-art HD screens for an unforgettable movie experience. The shopping complex has a one-of-a-kind inbuilt stadium having international standards acoustics. The stadium comfortably holds 3000 revelers while seated. At times, the management gets rid of the chairs to create spaces for concerts holding up to 10,000 revelers. In the past, bands and solo performing musicians have graced the stages of the stadium to thrill fans till the break of dawn.

Pubs and Spas

If there’s one thing guests fancy about being here is the mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies at the endless cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Beer lovers can check out the watering holes present at the mall as they listen to cool relaxing music. Health spas and massage parlors litter the corridors of the premises in case anyone is interested.

Reliable Security & Friendly Attendants

Many malls in Brazil, and elsewhere for that matter, are notorious for having petty criminals and thugs roaming in their vicinity. That’s not what you expect at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Here, you’ll find mall guards constantly patrolling the stalls and the parking lot facilities . To help them in their jobs there are surveillance cameras everywhere and the guards have walkies-talkies. The entire staff at the mall is required to undergo extra training to prepare them on how to handle crowds efficiently. The attendants are also very charming and friendly to the mall visitors, according to the reviews shared on

Meet the Owner

The founder and owner of the mall is the self-made billionaires, Roberto Santiago. Mr. Santiago has lived and invested in Joao Pessoa all his life. The 58-year-old has a culture of valuing his consumers above all else and this approach has worked wonders for his businesses. Santiago started his business studies at the Pio X Marist College. The shrewd Brazilian entrepreneur later continued his learning at the University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE). Read more on Exame.

Shapes Of Things To Come: Jason Hope And The ‘Internet Of Things’

What is meant by the ‘Internet of Things?’

You’ve all seen a futuristic world portrayed in science fiction movies and television shows where technology and machines help you and do things for you in your daily life.

The principle of the ‘Internet of Things’ is that all of your electronic devices will be computers that have the ability to interact with each other and make decisions on their own. You will program certain aspects and voice commands inside your home or car or from anywhere you speak into a mobile device will be received and understood.

Jason Hope is one of the leaders in this field of understanding how to get out in front of this this rapidly advancing technology and harness it to reach far beyond just making life more convenient. He sees a growing humanitarian factor to use this technology to really help people.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope’s background does not portray him as a brilliant scientist or a physicist; his brilliance lies in bring together other talented, hard working individuals to create vast leaps in using technology to truly benefit others. His mind is based on scientific method, logic, and intuition, but he also has understanding of what it is to be ‘Human.’

He earned two degrees from Arizona State University;.a degree in finance and an MBA in business. After his formal education, and with a built in spirit of a true entrepreneur; he made a significant impact in the world of finance. However, with a constant desire to understand everything around him, he seems to have a unique ability to see patterns and get a grasp on the future. With the ever increasing power of computers to access and analyze more and more data and advances in medical equipment; Jason Hope begin to create a vision that medicine should not be the art of healing but should be largely of ‘Preventive Measures.’ This lead to his involvement with the SENS Research foundation.

The SENS Foundation and Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a big proponent of he SENS Research Foundation, with the acronym ‘SENS’ standing for ‘Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research,’ and he has not only donated $500,000.00 but he also writes articles explaining what this research is about and why it is important. The SENS Research Foundation is focused on understanding how to negate the aging process not just to have people live longer; but with the primary focus that understanding the aging process is the fundamental way for the prevention of disease and complications that affect the human body during the advanced years of one’s life.

Rick Shinto’s Pivotal Role in Providing Affordable Managed Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of affordable and managed healthcare solutions based in New Jersey. Rick Shinto is the company’s award winning President and CEO. InnovaCare Health is a dynamic healthcare provider, which emerged after the restructuring of Aveta Inc. in 2012 where Rick was also the CEO and President, two roles that he retained. InnovaCare’s core services include managed healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Under Rick’s leadership, InnovaCare has grown to become the top provider of managed healthcare services in North America. It thrives on a robust patient-provider relationship that guarantees quality service that positively impacts the community. The healthcare industry is fluid and dynamic. Rick and his leadership team have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing requirements of patients, stakeholders and the strict regulatory demands of the healthcare industry. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Rick has over twenty years’ experience in the managed healthcare industry. He is a graduate of the State University of New York. In addition, he has an MBA from University of Redlands, CA and a BS from the University of California. Rick has become an authority in healthcare and has penned several peer-reviewed clinical medicine and healthcare journals.

While at Aveta Inc., Rick won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award for his leadership role. The award is synonymous with excellence in innovative service, financial performance, and community inclusion. At its peak, Aveta was the largest managed healthcare provider in the US leveraging superior technology and exclusive service platforms.

Rick Shinto has had a long successful career in healthcare which started as a pulmonary specialist. Previously, he held the Chief Medical Officer position at North America Medical Management, a publicly traded manager of medical healthcare providers, and also Medical Pathways Management. In addition, he has previously worked for Cal Optima, a public health insurance provider with a strong focus on the underprivileged and disadvantaged groups in Orange County, CA.

As an inspiring and highly motivated leader, Rick Shinto pushes his teams to deliver in a highly competitive industry. He drives innovative change using technology and employs a patients-first strategy coupled with stellar customer care to achieve legendary success. His affordable health care products have increased the uptake of healthcare services in previously underserved sections of communities.

Rick Shinto is a compassionate man who can be found consoling and educating afflicted families on the intricacies of managed healthcare rather than sit in his office. His extensive experience in managed healthcare enables him to pick talent for his management team that steers InnovaCare to rapid growth.

Read this article at Open Minds.

George Soros Impressive Journey to Success

George Soros is a well-respected man by many. He is aged 86 and married with five kids. He is the founder of the famous Soros Fund Management [SFM]. He was born in Hungary in 1930 and run away from his native country heading to study Bachelor of Science in the London school of Economics while working as a railway porter. He also worked as a waiter before him commencing his career at a commercial bank in finance. After a while, he headed to the New York City living in Katonah. While there, he started at the famous Wall Street. In the year 1969, he created a hedge fund at the cost of twelve million dollars. Later it got rebranded and named Quantum Fund.

By this time, Stan Druckenmiller had become his right-hand man. In 1992, George with support from Stan was able to short the pound and in the process making a huge profit. After this, many knew him as the man that broke the Bank of England. After multiple years, he has established himself as a heavyweight in investing via his Soros Fund Management that has a breathtaking 30 billion dollars in possessions. This year, he hired Dawn Fitzpatrick who is viewed as one among the most prominent ladies in Wall Street. Her duty is to run the investment portfolio of George as chief investment officer in the SFM. From the year 2000, there have been six CIO at SFM meaning she is the seventh to be hired due to her work ethic. Soros has been known to be a noninterventionist supporter for a long time, and this is the reason he is a critic of bad leaders. Visit to know more about George.

Many people regard to George as one of the leading philanthropists in the world due to his generosity of giving away more than 12 billion till today. This funding has been able to fund organizations all over the world while aiding them to fight for the right of expression, accountability of the government, transparency in the society and promotion of justice by treating all individuals equally irrespective of their gender. His contributions have always targeted those facing discrimination in the society. In the year 1944-1945, George Soros experienced the killing of 500,000 Hungarian Jews though his family was able to survive the tragedy through the use of false papers for identification and also helped other do the same to avoid being killed.

Soros has a big heart that is why he is always helping the marginalized. History shows that he has been doing this for years. This makes him a great individual no wonder he never hesitates to criticize anyone especially leaders who tend to act in ways that oppress others. His love for equality explains why he has been so successful and blessings keep following him on a daily basis.

Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

End Citizens United Poised to Raise $35 Million

In fundraising data released to USA Today, political action committee End Citizens United has raised over $4 million during the first quarter of 2017. This puts the liberal PAC on track to raise a projected $35 million preceding the midterm elections in 2018, in which all House seats will be up for grabs. Their plans for that money are to support campaign finance reform and unseat and defeat pro-Trump candidates.



End Citizens United achieved this fundraising feat in the wake of the presidential election, which politicized many individuals who had not previously participated in the electoral process. The PAC’s grassroots origins have served them well again after great fundraising success and engagement in 2016; their average contribution in 2017 so far was only $12, according to a tweet from the group on April 11. A significant number of donors gave money for the first time.



The progressive group is already putting these donations to good use, giving $500,000 to the campaign of Democrat senate hopeful Jon Ossoff and endorsing the first-time candidate. One of Ossoff’s main campaign promises listed on his campaigin website, ElectJon.Com, is to fight corruption, a goal the Georgia congressional candidate shares with End Citizens United. Already experienced in exposing political corruption and other high-end crime in his work as an anti-corruption investigator and CEO, Ossoff fits hand in glove with End Citizens United’s core philosophy.



The controversial administration of President Donald Trump has presented an interesting opportunity for many progressive and liberal candidates. Trump has proved a divisive figure among Republicans and a uniting force for those on the left side of the political spectrum. Groups like End Citizens United understandably hope to exploit the unity of the left and the chaos in the GOP to gain as many seats as possible in 2018.



Given the growing wave of dissatisfaction with the Trump administration and its congressional supporters among progressives, End Citizens United’s projected $35 million, and winning congressional seats, is hardly a long shot. Though the midterms are still almost two years away, potential candidates, not to mention voters, are already preparing for the battle of a lifetime. Candidates willing to fight corporate corruption of the political process can hope for a little extra support from the PAC in 2018. The anti-Trump movement will definitely need as much help as it can get as battles wage in already divided districts.




Organo Gold Producing Better Products with Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is one of the prosperous entrepreneurs in the world of business. He is also the CEO of Organo Gold. Henceforth he uses direct sales as one of the of the methods in order to make the company to develop.

Through his method in direct sales it has led the company to achieve more each day.he also has other expertise in networking marketing these enables him to also develop the business swiftly. Organo Gold organization deals with the manufacturing of coffee and other products which are very essential therefore making the company to be one of the best globally.

Bernardo Chua due to the devotion and effort he had put through his work it led him to be awarded various times these awards include Dangal ng Bayan which is an award of the people choice and also Consumers Quality Award. He has been connected with most vital people in the Ganoderma produce due to the organization is a coffee manufacturer firm. also the organization was declared to be comprehensive one of the leading organization uses direct sales in the produce industry.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua also took his time to advise people on how direct sales is more significant is beneficial in business. Organo Gold now has extended to the Philipines. Organo Gold is unique due to the Ganoderma component features in producing coffee.

The company has also developed whereby they have also spread all over the world with having over one million suppliers globally. Organo Gold became known due to the achievement they attained in 5 years therefore making them be known and named as 55 largest direct sales organization all over the world.

Organo Gold always provide exceptional and delicious coffee in the world therefore making them being known in the market well and stay irrelevant. The company also ensures that the product which they produce that the clients are satisfied completely and also they keep a good relationship between them and the customers.

Customers are very happy with the coffee therefore making come every day for the product. The company is located in Canada where it is recognized to continuing in producing better products.

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Squaw Valley Keeps the Public Informed On Their Water Contamination

Clean water is necessity and public concern. Water contamination can be a very serious issue if not addressed with a sense of urgency. The public may assume the worst when they hear “water contamination” in the headlines of the news. The level of contamination can vary drastically and each case is not as critical as the next but should be taken seriously regardless. Precautionary action and transparency is crucial in any case of water contamination. Keeping the public informed is the best of action and public statements are often the most beneficial source of truth. Such is the case with Squaw Valley.


Squaw Valley, a popular ski resort located in Olympic Valley California, experienced an unforeseen setback in October after heavy rain resulted in water contamination. Squaw Valley identified the contamination and took quick action to address the issue and keep their guests safe from the contaminated water. The Placer County Environmental Health department tested the water and found traces of bacterial coliform and e-coli. The contaminated water is contained and poses no health risk to guests at this time.


Placer County Environmental Health continues to monitor the progress of Squaw Valley’s water and reports that the water condition is showing improvement. Three of the the four wells tested have no traces of e-coli. Despite their setback in October, Squaw Valley remains open and operating with top to bottom skiing available. Until the water tests clear of coliform, Squaw Valley is providing bottled water to guests as a precaution.


Squaw Valley has remained transparent throughout the water contamination incident and keeps the public informed on their progress. A water contamination can happen in many ways but the the way a company addresses the issue is critical to their success. The contaminated water never came in contact with Squaw Valley guests or public but the resort chose to be honest with its guests and the public. Squaw Valley’s honestly is commendable and an excellent example of how to address a critical issue in the best way possible. Squaw Valley expects their water to be clear of contamination in the near future.

Jason Hope – Engadget Recap

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who believes whole heartedly in the future of technology, and specifically, technology that supports longevity in the human race. Jason Hope believes that if we all band together, we can fight aging and the medical conditions that cause aging and illness, and instead, lengthen our life span for healthier more vital lives.

Jason knows that in order for there to be progress in the research field to find cures for age-related illnesses, it takes more than just a desire to find these cures, it takes funding in order to do the proper research. That is why Jason Hope is an avid believer and supporter of SENS Foundation, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, “the world’s leading charity dedicated to advancing the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies for the diseases and disabilities of aging.” His goal is to help the charity raise money to support their work, help train new and student researchers so that they can go forward with as team leaders one day and continue the work of those who are paving the path now. He lobbies for others to follow suit and donate to this cause, because he knows that their work is now, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of many when it comes to fighting anti-aging illnesses. Jason Hope does not believe that illnesses and disabilities have to be an inevitable part of life; that we can curb and stop the process so that we can preserve health and life.

Mr. Hope is also a firm believer in entrepreneurship and proudly supports those who have dedicated their lives to growing their own and unique business. He donates and supports entrepreneurs who have the next big ideas in technology because he knows that coming up with the idea isn’t always the hardest part of entrepreneurship, it is getting the financial backing to support the idea and help get it off the ground.

Jason Hope continually works to serve the community in the best way he can to help humanity and his communities. He is a selfless humanitarian who only wants to give of himself to his Arizona’s communities and humanitarian organizations that will put his donations to good use, for the better of people.