Four Things To Know About Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is a place you might find yourself at if you plan on visiting Samoa or have to make a pit stop there. Although the airport isn’t one of the largest in the world, many people still go there on a regular basis. With that said, below are four things to know about the airport.

Where Is Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I airport is located in Samoa. It’s located right in Fagali’I, right by Main East Coast Road. FGI is the IATA code for the airport, and NSFI is the ICAO code. The road it is on is Plantation Road.

How To Get To The Airport

There are a number of ways to get to Fagali’I Airport, with one of them being you can drive to it. Taking a cab is another option and you can fly on one of the airlines that serves the airport. In short, you can get to this airport the same way you’d get to any other airport, except via train and bus according to

What’s Nearby

There are a number of things to do in the area, and this includes visiting the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum or staying at one of the nearby accommodations according to There’s also a golf course in the area and the National University of Samoa isn’t too far.


Not many airlines operate from the airport. In fact, there’s only two, which are Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Samoa Airways flies to and from Pago Pago, while Talofa Airways flies to and from Pago Pago and Tonga. In the past, there has been other airlines, but as of now Samoa and Talofa are the only ones that have a hub there.

Now you know where Fagali’I Airport is located, how to get there, what’s nearby and what airlines fly to and from it. If you plan on flying to Samoa, the chances are you might fly into Fagali’I Airport.

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