Securus Technologies Providing Inmate Communication Services Thats Reliable and Affordable For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The

For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are top notch and know to deliver value for money to the customers, whether it is the law enforcement agencies or the inmates.


Thanks to the investigative services and solutions offered by Securus Technologies, the crime rate inside the prison has reduced drastically in the last few years in the facilities where the company services. The supply and flow of contraband in and out of jail has also reduced drastically, and it is these results that Securus Technologies is helping law enforcement agencies achieve that has made the company a preferred partner of most of the correctional facilities these days.


Even though till now the company has been primarily dominating the North American market, the company is planning to extend its market in the other parts of the country as well. Presently, around 3,500 correctional facilities are using the services of Securus Technologies; over a million inmates in these facilities are dependent on the company for communication services.


The company understands the pain and the situation of the inmates who are incarcerated and away from family and it is why it aims to develop technology that would help reduce the communication cost and increase communication opportunities in the future. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, said in a press release recently that the company is focusing on research and development so that it can upgrade its technology and develop new ones so that the inmates can communicate with their loved ones more often without having to spend a fortune.


The products and services of the company are much appreciated by the customers, including the law enforcement officers. Securus Technologies recently published the comments by the customers of the company through a press release.



The Role of Securus Technologies in the Correctional Services

There is nothing that we value like family. We can always count on it, at all times. We all make mistakes. However, when one of us commit a crime that requires them to face the law, we become sad and stressed. It means we don’t get to see this person as often as we used to see them. Securus Technologies has helped changed this story; you have nothing to fear anymore.

Securus Technology has improved the lives of the inmates. This has not compromised the safety of the public. The company is responsible for the safety of both parties.

Securus Technologies has provided the correctional services with numerous devices for different purposes. For example, the administration department has been equipped with tools that help monitor everything that goes on in the cell.

The monitoring helps to ensure that the bullying that used to happen in the cells does not occur. Some inmates say that they always feared for their life. Those who have been in jail for long say they witnessed many convicts get killed by corrupted officers. This is through the collaboration with outsiders who had committed crimes together.

The Securus gadgets have helped solve this issue permanently. Many officers have been arrested and punished for these crimes. Through this cases, the administration has also found leads that helped solve crimes.

The company has also provided the inmates with gadgets that allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones. Relatives of inmates say that communicating with them helps in fastening the healing process. This is because the bitterness in the inmates ceases. They also become determined to become better individuals to rejoin their families. This is because they feel loved by the people who check on them in jail.

The Securus Technologies has changed the face of the detention facilities. It is now safe and meaningful.


Why Securus Technologies is Instrumental in Prison Safety

The reasons that our prison has partnered with Securus Technologies are numerous, but all seem to come down to the fact that safety is and always will be our top concern. It doesn’t matter if it is the safety of me and my fellow officers or making sure to keep the peace with all the inmates, a safe prison is a happy prison.


To complicate matters, we have overcrowding and gang population explosions that are creating tensions behind bars for anyone trapped behind those prison walls. Add into the mix the fact that drugs and weapons can be acquired easily, you have a volatile mix that needs to be addressed on a daily basis or people get hurt.


In the past, my team of corrections officers have take precautions to ensure the safety of all. We have done body scans and searches in the visitor center so nothing illegal is changing hands between inmate and guest. We follow up on those efforts by hitting the inmate’s cells each day with inspections to remove anything that could be a potential problem.


Securus Technologies employs a thousand hard-working individuals who are committed to making out world safer. The company has thousands of their inmate call monitoring systems operating in different prisons around this country. The LBS software will do the work of a half-dozen officers, scanning calls for anything that could be considered a threat to safety in the jail.


Now that my team makes use of this technology each day, we have made some serious progress in tightening up loose ends and making the jail safer. We can now identify when inmates expect things from family in the mail, if they are using drugs in their cells, and when gang members are ordering hits or demanding others sell drugs for the cause.


Securus Technologies deserves an applause for its great work

Securus Technologies recently made public comments received by the company from the public and users of its software. The comments received were mainly directed from investigators in correction facilities and wardens. In one instance, a warden noted that the product has helped in improving safety immeasurably within the facility. Another warden also commented how they have learnt to make use of information from communication records. The latest technological advancement have made everyone smooth and easy. The whole product provided by the company includes a software package that records people’s voices and identifies a person’s distinctive voice.


In another instance, a warden in the correction facilities was truly impressed with the extent which the product has gone to help fight crime. From their current assessment, there has been a tremendous improvement in investigations and the overall jail security. The release of the investigation tools has provided efficiency in the way investigations is carried out. Apart from simply recording and reporting data, the software has enhanced proactive measures in deterring and detecting contraband in correction facilities. Safety within correction facilities has been highly advanced and improved.


Securus Technologies is a company that was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has multiple regional offices in other locations such as Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. Securus has grown to be a leader in providing communications and technology advanced equipment.


Securus Technologies has always been on the forward path to growth. The company recently made an announcement that they had acquired JPay Inc. The acquisition has helped improved the company’s service delivery. It has introduced education related materials, electronic payments and efficient communications solely by email. Securus has in the past year provided to more than 33 correction facilities modern gadgets that entail a modernized security system.



Securus Technologies Continuing Innovations in Inmate Communications

With Securus their communication service is all about connecting inmates with their loved ones and their lives. The video begins with a number of small, simultaneous shots of inmates talking to their loved ones on the phone and over the computer screen. These moving video clips fade out and it says such capabilities gets inmates “connected to smiles”, “connected to fathers”, “connected to birthdays”, “connected to performances”, “connected to bedtime stories”, “connected to daughters”, “connected to sons”, “connected to weddings”, “connected to graduations”, “connected to sweet sixteen”, “connected to dad”, “connecting to game night.”


All of these are just examples. It fast forwards through a whole bunch of others and ends with “connected to you” and finally “connecting what matters.” In reality this is what they are doing. Without the use of this communication technology, inmates can miss out of so much in the lives of friends and families. Securus Technologies is a proud provider of this. This is just one of Securus’ many services, but it is a service that is extremely important to them. Securus has some top-of-the-line technology to help it do what it does.


One of its most valuable and most current tools for the law-enforcement sector is its XRMS Records Management System. This system offers world-class secure data storage, but at the same time it is incredibly easy to manage for persons who aren’t that technically savvy. It has become a very highly valued tool by the law-enforcing industry throughout the U.S and the most trusted source of police officers everywhere. This is known as one of the most innovative public safety software tools on today’s market.


Another extremely valuable tool is the XMobile. This is perhaps the most cost-effective option for public safety professionals. Like the XRMS, the XMobile gives officers incredibly fast access to needed data while also reducing the need for duplicate data entry.


And it is continuing to develop this communication. Just this past spring it delivered more than 84,000 intelligent communication devices throughout the country. The purpose of this innovation is to help rehabilitate inmates, improve prison safety, to help inmates get jobs, and to generally make society a safer place.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.