Jeremy Goldstein, a Legal Expert on Employee Matters

We all need a lawyer at one point in life. When it comes to business related issues, no advocate comes in handy like Jeremy Goldstein. As an American lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has been able to cultivate healthy working relationships with past and present clients hence his outstanding reputation. Through the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates where Jeremy works as Partner, Jeremy has been able to assist company employees in solving many legal battles with much success.


With over fifteen years of working experience, it is only reasonable that you hire Jeremy Goldstein when you reach a point of no return in life. Before 2014, Jeremy worked as an Associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP. In 2000, Goldstein decided to move to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz where he was able to assume the role of Partner. With such an impressive working record, Jeremy now fully understands what it takes to win a big case.


However, Jeremy would never have made it as a lawyer without his Juris Doctor in Law obtained from the New York University School of Law. Other accolades under Goldstein’s belt include a Master of Arts in Art History as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. As a young man, Jeremy attended The Pringy School where he was able to build a foundation for his success. In totality, Jeremy is a man who has spared most of his time familiarizing with the tools of his trade.


As a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has always gotten overly concerned about corporate compensation matters and in particular, employee benefits. Over the years, Jeremy has been able to help big brands like Duke Energy, Verizon, Merck, AT&T, Bank One, and Chevron. Goldstein has always gotten overwhelmed by cases whereby an employer decided to stop providing the employees of a company with stock options.


Although many reasons force an employer to cut out on the issuance of stock options, Jeremy feels that something can get done to alleviate the situation. In most cases, employees stop giving out stock options when their value starts to depreciate thus making them worthless. Also, overhang might be another contributor as to why employees deny workers with stock options. However, Jeremy Goldstein prescribes that with the right strategies in place, employees can always prevent the downsides that come with stock options thus being in a position of rewarding employees all year round. By implementing some knockout options, the stock options get protected from financial changes. As a result, employees get frequently rewarded thus enabling them to lead better lives. Therefore, Goldstein is a lawyer competent enough to salvage you from a possible downfall.


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