Making Money With Traveling Vineyards And Hosting Wine Parties

Any good wine enthusiast knows that some of the very best wines come out of Napa Valley. This area is home to many vineyards and up until now, you used to have to travel to Napa if you wanted to sample good, free wine. The problem with that is the amount of time it takes to travel, the costs associated with traveling and then the cost to stay while visiting Napa. If you are someone who does not have the means to do this, there is an easier solution.

Traveling Vineyards is the new trend which is allowing wine lovers to experience wine sampling from some of the best vineyards Napa offers.

For the Traveling Vineyard, you will setup a wine tasting event in which you invite your friends over, they sample a number of wines and if they like them, when the night comes to a close, they are able to order the wines they liked. You as the host will be the center of attention. Your role is to share with the friends and family what you like most about each wine, how the wine tastes and what goes well with the wine. Some wines will be fruitier than others, while some will be more dry than another. All of these styles should be discussed with your friends prior to their pairing of wines.

You have to know quite a bit about wine in order to host a good wine tasting with friends. If you don’t know much about wine, you need to have a host who can help you to encourage people to purchase the wines they sample.

If you are looking for a new job, one that allows you to be paid for something you love, like tasting wines. The Traveling Vineyard is the one thing you can do to earn extra money while enjoying wines. The concept is to let your friends know about the sampling, bring them to the wine and let them try them. When they are done, they can order which wines they like and they can then choose to host their own wine sampling. When this happens, you increase your earnings by booking more wine sampling parties.

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