Michael Zomber: The Creativity In Screenwriting

Michael Zomber is a master storyteller. This is something that very few people even in the entertainment industry can claim. For one thing, it takes a certain talent and sensibility to be able to tell a good story.

There are also a lot of things that go into the story that can make or break it. In order to handle stories, one has to make sure that he has the attention of the audience. Then he has to be able to keep the audience and take them on a journey. While good stories entertain, great stories educate as well.

One very important aspect of storytelling that Michael Zoomber deals with is characterization. The characters have to be fleshed out. Among the pieces of information that bring the character to life are the backstory, his beliefs, his goals, his motivations, and plenty of other aspects.

Another important aspect of the story is the setting, which includes the time and place. In some cases, a story could be set around a historical event.

According to White Pages, for instances, Michael Zomber often sets his stories in Japan during the time of the Samurai. One of the reasons is that this is his favorite time period and Japan is his favorite culture.

Michael is very knowledgeable about history, and he collects antiques of older cultures. He also does a lot of research on the artifacts that he collects. Among the pieces of information is what type of artifact it is and what it is used for.

This is what makes him one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Japanese history. The History Channel has seen how reliable and dedicated he is.

Therefore, he has been featured on a documentary about Japanese history. That show has turned out to be a hit. It has also made him famous.

Learn more about Michael Zoomber: https://about.me/mzomber

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