Why Securus Technologies is Instrumental in Prison Safety

The reasons that our prison has partnered with Securus Technologies are numerous, but all seem to come down to the fact that safety is and always will be our top concern. It doesn’t matter if it is the safety of me and my fellow officers or making sure to keep the peace with all the inmates, a safe prison is a happy prison.


To complicate matters, we have overcrowding and gang population explosions that are creating tensions behind bars for anyone trapped behind those prison walls. Add into the mix the fact that drugs and weapons can be acquired easily, you have a volatile mix that needs to be addressed on a daily basis or people get hurt.


In the past, my team of corrections officers have take precautions to ensure the safety of all. We have done body scans and searches in the visitor center so nothing illegal is changing hands between inmate and guest. We follow up on those efforts by hitting the inmate’s cells each day with inspections to remove anything that could be a potential problem.


Securus Technologies employs a thousand hard-working individuals who are committed to making out world safer. The company has thousands of their inmate call monitoring systems operating in different prisons around this country. The LBS software will do the work of a half-dozen officers, scanning calls for anything that could be considered a threat to safety in the jail.


Now that my team makes use of this technology each day, we have made some serious progress in tightening up loose ends and making the jail safer. We can now identify when inmates expect things from family in the mail, if they are using drugs in their cells, and when gang members are ordering hits or demanding others sell drugs for the cause.


Scott Rocklage: Not Afraid To Take Risks

Scott Rocklage resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He received his PH.D in Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also received his B.S in Chemistry at the University of California in Berkeley. Not only is he the managing partner of 5Am Venture Management LLC.

He has held Acting Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman positions in numerous companies. Some of the companies he is still active with besides 5Am Venture are; Novira Therapeutics Inc, Rennovia Inc, and Cidara Therapeutics.

Scott has extensive healthcare management experience, which is very useful in the 5 Am Venture company. The 5Am Venture company is a company that helps start up businesses in the health related field.  Learn more about Scott Rocklage:  https://ideamensch.com/scott-rocklage/

Scott works with entrepreneurs such as scientists, business executives and physicians. He helps them with shaping their ideas into potentially future medicines. Scott has successfully gotten the approval of three new drug applications by the FDA. He also entered 6 drugs into clinical trials.

Scott is a well organized person with regards to his management, prioritization. He has learned over the many years in this field that you can’t be afraid to take risks, and if you hire someone who isn’t the right fit, move on. He focuses on the growth of targeting specific mutations to treat cancer in a unique way.

He spends his days filled with board meetings, continual study of life science, working on other companies’ management teams. Scott Rocklage is also the inventor or co-inventor of 30+ U.S. patents and has written over 100 publications.

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USHEALTH Group Revolutionizing Health Insurance

The USHEALTH Group is registered as a foreign for-profit organization since 2012. The company received the international registration in 2012, despite having been founded in 2007. It is based in Fort Worth Texas. The foreign registration emanated as a result of the company being registered in a different state, other than the one on which it was founded, and is not an indication that it is not an actual American company.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is committed to the provision of a specified disease, accident, disability and life insurance to a diverse range of clients including formally and self-employed members of the society, families and small businesses and enterprises along with their employees.

They achieve this goal by working in close cooperation with their subsidiaries, which include the National Foundation Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

The USEHEALTH Group understands and appreciates the universal truth that each has their unique needs. Some who are particular to specific individuals. Therefore, they have invested in the creation of a broad portfolio of products from which clients can choose the plans that work best for them.

According to Bloomberg and Crunchbase, USEHEALTH Group believe that the customer must be provided with the convenience and freedom of choice when it comes to insurance, and there can be no one-fits-all insurance plan for any population demographic. This sets them apart from the competition as the most qualified organization to provide for customer needs for affordability, flexibility, and reliability when it comes to insurance products.

For clients with financial constraints or those who are weary of hefty annual deductions from their income, the company provides many choices for first dollar benefits and substantial work deductions that would accommodate such clients without compromising their financial plans and goals.

First dollar benefits are ideally more affordable than comprehensive plans and are ideal for low-income earners and self-employed individuals whose businesses have not yet matured to high returns business enterprises.

Specified disease, sickness, and accident insurance covers are available in a wide range of clients who wish for and are in a position to afford simple insurance plans which are specific to their conditions and insurance needs. These are mostly for individuals with already identified medical conditions or who have a high propensity for such conditions to ensure that they are fully covered if they fall ill or suffer accidents.

The plans are tailored to their need correctly and may differ from individual to individual. They are also the epitome of the flexibility, affordability, and reliability with the company has come to be recognized.

Regardless of the type of insurance needs that a client may have, either individual or covering their entire family, company and even employees, USHEALTH Group can provide

WikdArk: Conserving the Bush

It seems that from the start Mark Hutchinson was born to do what he loves which is dedicate his life to the wild. He does this through his business called WildArk. WildArk is focused on preserving the world’s ecosystems. As a young boy, Mark can remember spending a great deal of time outdoors fly-fishing, riding horses, and climbing into wombat holes in Australia where he grew up.


Once Mark Hutchinson was done with schooling, he spent a year as a jackaroo. He spent some time camping and fishing in North Australia. At 19, he got in his 4×4 and drove the entire length of Africa. Soon after, he enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Economics degree program at the University of Sydney. Mark also started a small successful personal training company. Each of these events held a purpose in inspiring Mark to start a business UNTAMED. UNTAMED was an ecotourism business and its purpose was to introduce people to nature by guiding them to places they probably wouldn’t have otherwise thought of visiting. UNTAMED became Avana, an ecotourism and training business. Learn more: https://www.ecotraining.co.za/about/owners


Mark Hutchinson then decided to further his education at INSEAD Business School to obtain an MBA. While in business school, he worked on rebranding his business. After, a lot of work Avana was sold to a public company and didn’t last. It was difficult for Mark to let it go, but it allowed him to refocus and invest time into another vision. Learn more: http://wildark.com/blog/mark-hutchinson-for-the-wild/


WildArk’s main goal is to purchase, protect, and restore as much land as possible in an effort to maintain sustainable ecosystems. Mark has a ton off reexperience in ecotourism and knows the land well. He has decided to ytake it a step further and enrolling Masters in Conservation 2016 program in order to further his knowledge of conservation to make WildAtk’s mission successful. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/posts/538048479728461


Mark and his family live in Northern Sydney where there is a mix of urban life and nature. Mark ois able to swim in the ocean every day he is in Sydney. He also makes sure he introduces his own children to the bush by taking them on walks in the afternoons. They are able to explore the land and nature during their afternoon walks with their dad. Mark continues to work on conservation while living with his wife and children in Northern Sydney, Australia.


Three Groups Fighting For The Rights Of Immigrants And Migrant Workers

The Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund

Among the organizations advocating for human, civil, and migrant rights are the Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund. The co-founders of the fund are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy and their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio led to a $3.75 million settlement they are using to help organizations fighting for migrant rights in Arizona.

The settlement resulted when the two men were arrested in their homes and taken to jail because they had revealed information regarding the sheriff.

The most alarming factor were the subpoenas from the grand jury demanded information pertaining to the individuals who had read their articles. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy are devoted to the defense of their rights under the First Amendment which resulted in their lawsuit against the county.

When the prevailed they created The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund as a means of supporting human, civil and migrant rights, civic participation, and freedom of speech.

The Kino Initiative

This iniative involves the $18 million a year Border Patrol between Nogales, Arizona, and Mexico. A few steps away is the David where meals are served and clothing provided by volunteers. The building is tin roofed and sweltering with the heat. This is where migrants and deportees go to receive the help they need.

While the Border Patrol receives 23,000 agents and a budget larger than any other federal agency for law support by 24 percent, the David receives donations from individuals with large hearts and by selling t-shirts.

Deportees are bused to Nogales by the Border Patrol every day and left alone to take care of themselves. They are usually left with no belongings and a check for the money they had that is completely worthless in Mexico. They were usually dropped off in the evening when robbery, sexual assault, and violence were major concerns.

A recent agreement has prevented the deportees from being dropped off at night and this agreement took a great deal of effort. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This doesn’t change fact that they have been separated from their families and are incredibly vulnerable. This is where the Kino Initiative is trying to make a difference and provide the help so desperately needed.

American Immigration Council

This is a nonprofit organization based out of Washington D.C. working to bring honor to the immigration history of the United States and shape Americans current views on immigration. The American Immigration Council uses international exchange programs and education to teach people about the contributions immigrants have made to the culture of America.

Policies for humane integration are promoted by their programs as well as achieving justice for immigrants by using the law and making certain human rights and constitutional mandates are honored.

The American Immigration Council is unique with vast expertise regarding immigration law and the immigration system. This is because the American Immigration Lawyers Association is their sister arm. They ensure they are aware of any abuses so they can positively address all of the current issues in regards to immigration and immigration law.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin

Fabletics-Taking on Amazon

Yoga pants and more, Fabletics is your one stop website for your outfit needs. These outfits are for women approved by women. There are sexy styles and prints that you can wear in public. Fabletics marketing is what is known as reverse showroom marketing, where the company chose to get to know you first before it decided to open a store near you.


Membership Worthy


The concept behind Fabletics which was designed and started with Kate Hudson the famous Holywood movie star is offering you an outfit or two items for a low price which signs you up for a membership. Before you cringe, you are going to want this membership. The clothes are super comfortable and very well designed. You can, of course, cancel anytime you want, or skip the month wardrobe for the next month which allows your money to increase. This allows you to buy more one month than the other. you can, of course, buy more if you want.


Best Yoga Pants and More


Your yoga pant outfit will show up at your door every month. This is something to look forward too. You will become a member of millions of other women around the world who enjoy this great service. You can choose from dresses, tops, accessories, and more. Fabletics is a movement that inspires movement. The styles are sporty and sexy. The company is concerned with what you love and it shows. You are going to love what you find on Fabletics website. Go ahead and take the Lifestyle Quiz.


Kate Hudson Cares For Women


Kate Hudson is an award winning actress. She know the right formula coming from two famous actor parents, Kate had a great start early-on. At a young age, Kate Hudson won the best-supporting actress Golden Globe award for “Almost Famous”. Lucky for her the movie made her famous and she has not stopped working since. Always wanting to get in there and be a part, Kate did not just put her name on Flletics, no she is a part of the business. She is an athletic person and loves to look great. She also loves people and makes sure that her customers are happy.


If you love clothes, exercising, and being sexy, Fabletics is the online company for you to check out. Stores are starting to open up near you after Fabletics has gained the knowledge about what you prefer to wear. Check out Fabletics, today.

Making Money With Traveling Vineyards And Hosting Wine Parties

Any good wine enthusiast knows that some of the very best wines come out of Napa Valley. This area is home to many vineyards and up until now, you used to have to travel to Napa if you wanted to sample good, free wine. The problem with that is the amount of time it takes to travel, the costs associated with traveling and then the cost to stay while visiting Napa. If you are someone who does not have the means to do this, there is an easier solution.

Traveling Vineyards is the new trend which is allowing wine lovers to experience wine sampling from some of the best vineyards Napa offers.

For the Traveling Vineyard, you will setup a wine tasting event in which you invite your friends over, they sample a number of wines and if they like them, when the night comes to a close, they are able to order the wines they liked. You as the host will be the center of attention. Your role is to share with the friends and family what you like most about each wine, how the wine tastes and what goes well with the wine. Some wines will be fruitier than others, while some will be more dry than another. All of these styles should be discussed with your friends prior to their pairing of wines.

You have to know quite a bit about wine in order to host a good wine tasting with friends. If you don’t know much about wine, you need to have a host who can help you to encourage people to purchase the wines they sample.

If you are looking for a new job, one that allows you to be paid for something you love, like tasting wines. The Traveling Vineyard is the one thing you can do to earn extra money while enjoying wines. The concept is to let your friends know about the sampling, bring them to the wine and let them try them. When they are done, they can order which wines they like and they can then choose to host their own wine sampling. When this happens, you increase your earnings by booking more wine sampling parties.

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Larking and Lacey

The Arizona dream act coalition is a human and civil rights group that advocates for the rights of migrants. This group was established by a group of youth who founded it with the aim of fighting for the rights of the migrants on access to higher education and their human and civil rights.

This advocacy group was established sometime after 2006 when the Arizona State passed the dreaded Proposition 300 which required undocumented migrant youths to pay the tuition fee to access education in college. The proposition also barred the migrant students from acquiring merit – based scholarships issued by the public community or well-wishers.

For the past ten years, ADAC has been fighting for the rights of the migrant students, and they have successfully done their job. Recently, the current ADAC education sponsorship program popularly known as ADAC Aspire scholarship program is valued at $2,000 per student.

This value shows that ADAC is more than willing to help migrants achieve their dreams no matter their race, religion, gender or nationality. Considering that ADAC is a non-profit making organization, it cannot fully support such a program on its own. This is where Larking and Lacey come in.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was founded by Michael and Jim. The duo rose to popularity after a drastic turn of events on October 18th, 2009. They were roughed up in the middle of the night and arrested by police on the account that they had revealed court proceedings of an ongoing grand jury that had sought their New Times stories articles and notes from them concerning a Maricopa County Sherriff was known as Joe Arpaio.

Having spent their careers asserting and defending their First Amendments rights, the sued the county. Their case is still among the most prevalent cases in the United States Court of Appeal since it got all the way to the ninth circuit. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

With their careers at the edge of being ruined forever, they fought with determination and later won the case which was settled with a whopping lump sum of $3.75 million. They were released and paid by the county since they helped uncover grand corruption activities and human rights injustices that the County Sherriff had been involved.

Having faced the dreaded courts of the United States, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin  chose to create a fund that would help migrant’s rights to be advocated for and well aired.

The fund, known as the Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund, has been at the forefront of supporting groups that seriously advocate for the human rights, civil rights, migrants rights as well as the freedom of speech and civic participation throughout the state of Arizona. The fund also goes beyond its geographical borders especially across and at the Mexican border.

Larkin and Lacey are among the few individuals who are willing to sacrifice their little for the benefit of others and a better tomorrow. Their grants help migrant advocating groups to ensure that no more injustices are faced by migrants and that there are no more migrants deaths recorded.

What Goes Into Supporting Human Rights In Various Foundations?

It’s often talked about how non-profits are the biggest life-changing forces in the world and how they need funding in order to continue operating. Yet when it comes to human rights and endeavoring to help individuals escape the overreaching arms of tyranny, sometimes people have had to stick their neck on the line in order to help people in big brother nations.

Such stories have been told by Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation who has confronted oppressive government officials head on and has risked imprisonment and torture all to help others obtain freedom of speech and basic liberty. Yet really becoming personally involved with a human rights foundation could mean going into dangerous domains.

Park Yeon-mi is also a human rights supporter who has her own stories to tell of escaping Kim Jong Il’s brutality in communist North Korea. She and her family had many difficult situations to deal with from suffering cruelty at the hands of soldiers to also uncovering human trafficking operations in China.

Audiences who have heard stories like hers have been succumbed to shock and horror about all the things many people in police state countries have to go through. While it’s certainly important to know about things that foreign governments are doing to their people, you might be surprised to find a hotbed of human rights violations even here in the US where Lacy and Larkin are working.

Human rights activists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are from Arizona and they’ve taken an interest in the stories of immigrants coming over to find a better life. Lacy and Larkin said that as young men they were taught about respecting people regardless of nationality and race and the importance of compassion, so they knew they could help immigrants especially in poorer situations with their journalism. Their first publication was the “Phoenix New Times.”

Lacey and Larkin garnered some unpopularity for their work and faced opposition most strongly from the controversial Phoenix County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They had published documents on abusive practices towards immigrants back several years ago, and as a result Arpaio had the two men wrongfully arrested.

But not about to back down, Lacey and Larkin filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office and ended up winning $3.75 million from it. It was that money that Lacey and Larkin decided to use to startup the Frontera Fund, a foundation that not only provides news stories but also finances and initiatives to help immigrants in distressed situations.

The Role of Madison Street Capital in the Merger Between the Spitfire Group and DG Software Value

Madison Street is a well-known international investment banking company that is transforming the lives of many people. The firm serves the middle market, and it has done well since it was founded decades ago. Just recently, the company acted as the financial advisor when DCG Software Value, an international provider of software, function analysis, and software management merged with an institution known as The Spitfire Group. Spitfire Group is a respected business oriented technology company that is based in Denver.


The successful transaction was publicly announced by the current chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. According to Charles, the process was led by Rodgers Jay. However, Botchway did not disclose the terms of the transaction. Botchway says that the two companies have the best leadership. According to him, the leaders are experienced, especially in management, and this played a crucial role in the success of the transactions. Botchway also said that his company loved working with the two institutions, and he stated that both were leaders in the information technology industry.


One of the leaders of the company, Harris said that this was their first engagement with Madison Street Capital, and it was a great success. Harris congratulated the Jay Rodgers led team, saying that they did an excellent job. Jay has a lot of expertise, and he offered the analysis and insights needed to make everything smooth. He also said that the three companies were going to maintain a close relationship in the future so that they can grow.


Madison Street Capital is considered to be one of the most successful global investment banking firms in the world. Since it was established, the company is committed to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service to delivering the best corporate financial advisory solutions, financial opinions, merger and acquisition solutions, valuation services and many other services to private and public held enterprises. The products and services offered by the international company have played a vital role in ensuring that the corporation clients do well in the current competitive marketplace. Institutions that have worked with the company say that they got the best services, and this has earned the company a lot of respect.


Madison Street Capital reputation has played a fundamental role in the company’s success. When undertaking any projects, the needs of the customers are given the top priority, and this ensures that the customer satisfaction. The institution has done a lot for communities around the world too.


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