Securus Technologies Providing Inmate Communication Services Thats Reliable and Affordable For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The

For many years, Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional sphere and rightly so. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are top notch and know to deliver value for money to the customers, whether it is the law enforcement agencies or the inmates.


Thanks to the investigative services and solutions offered by Securus Technologies, the crime rate inside the prison has reduced drastically in the last few years in the facilities where the company services. The supply and flow of contraband in and out of jail has also reduced drastically, and it is these results that Securus Technologies is helping law enforcement agencies achieve that has made the company a preferred partner of most of the correctional facilities these days.


Even though till now the company has been primarily dominating the North American market, the company is planning to extend its market in the other parts of the country as well. Presently, around 3,500 correctional facilities are using the services of Securus Technologies; over a million inmates in these facilities are dependent on the company for communication services.


The company understands the pain and the situation of the inmates who are incarcerated and away from family and it is why it aims to develop technology that would help reduce the communication cost and increase communication opportunities in the future. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, said in a press release recently that the company is focusing on research and development so that it can upgrade its technology and develop new ones so that the inmates can communicate with their loved ones more often without having to spend a fortune.


The products and services of the company are much appreciated by the customers, including the law enforcement officers. Securus Technologies recently published the comments by the customers of the company through a press release.