Squaw Valley Keeps the Public Informed On Their Water Contamination

Clean water is necessity and public concern. Water contamination can be a very serious issue if not addressed with a sense of urgency. The public may assume the worst when they hear “water contamination” in the headlines of the news. The level of contamination can vary drastically and each case is not as critical as the next but should be taken seriously regardless. Precautionary action and transparency is crucial in any case of water contamination. Keeping the public informed is the best of action and public statements are often the most beneficial source of truth. Such is the case with Squaw Valley.


Squaw Valley, a popular ski resort located in Olympic Valley California, experienced an unforeseen setback in October after heavy rain resulted in water contamination. Squaw Valley identified the contamination and took quick action to address the issue and keep their guests safe from the contaminated water. The Placer County Environmental Health department tested the water and found traces of bacterial coliform and e-coli. The contaminated water is contained and poses no health risk to guests at this time.


Placer County Environmental Health continues to monitor the progress of Squaw Valley’s water and reports that the water condition is showing improvement. Three of the the four wells tested have no traces of e-coli. Despite their setback in October, Squaw Valley remains open and operating with top to bottom skiing available. Until the water tests clear of coliform, Squaw Valley is providing bottled water to guests as a precaution.


Squaw Valley has remained transparent throughout the water contamination incident and keeps the public informed on their progress. A water contamination can happen in many ways but the the way a company addresses the issue is critical to their success. The contaminated water never came in contact with Squaw Valley guests or public but the resort chose to be honest with its guests and the public. Squaw Valley’s honestly is commendable and an excellent example of how to address a critical issue in the best way possible. Squaw Valley expects their water to be clear of contamination in the near future.

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