Three Groups Fighting For The Rights Of Immigrants And Migrant Workers

The Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund

Among the organizations advocating for human, civil, and migrant rights are the Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund. The co-founders of the fund are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy and their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio led to a $3.75 million settlement they are using to help organizations fighting for migrant rights in Arizona.

The settlement resulted when the two men were arrested in their homes and taken to jail because they had revealed information regarding the sheriff.

The most alarming factor were the subpoenas from the grand jury demanded information pertaining to the individuals who had read their articles. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy are devoted to the defense of their rights under the First Amendment which resulted in their lawsuit against the county.

When the prevailed they created The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund as a means of supporting human, civil and migrant rights, civic participation, and freedom of speech.

The Kino Initiative

This iniative involves the $18 million a year Border Patrol between Nogales, Arizona, and Mexico. A few steps away is the David where meals are served and clothing provided by volunteers. The building is tin roofed and sweltering with the heat. This is where migrants and deportees go to receive the help they need.

While the Border Patrol receives 23,000 agents and a budget larger than any other federal agency for law support by 24 percent, the David receives donations from individuals with large hearts and by selling t-shirts.

Deportees are bused to Nogales by the Border Patrol every day and left alone to take care of themselves. They are usually left with no belongings and a check for the money they had that is completely worthless in Mexico. They were usually dropped off in the evening when robbery, sexual assault, and violence were major concerns.

A recent agreement has prevented the deportees from being dropped off at night and this agreement took a great deal of effort. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This doesn’t change fact that they have been separated from their families and are incredibly vulnerable. This is where the Kino Initiative is trying to make a difference and provide the help so desperately needed.

American Immigration Council

This is a nonprofit organization based out of Washington D.C. working to bring honor to the immigration history of the United States and shape Americans current views on immigration. The American Immigration Council uses international exchange programs and education to teach people about the contributions immigrants have made to the culture of America.

Policies for humane integration are promoted by their programs as well as achieving justice for immigrants by using the law and making certain human rights and constitutional mandates are honored.

The American Immigration Council is unique with vast expertise regarding immigration law and the immigration system. This is because the American Immigration Lawyers Association is their sister arm. They ensure they are aware of any abuses so they can positively address all of the current issues in regards to immigration and immigration law.

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