What Awaits Visitors Headed to the Maniara Shopping Mall Owned By Roberto Santiago?

The Manaira Shopping mall has transformed and revolutionized, the once small town of, Joao Pessoa in the heart of Brazil. Since the behemoth structure opened in 1989, the economy of the seaside region has picked up momentum, exponentially. Folks come because they are guaranteed of finding whatever it is they search. Residents flock here, by the tens of thousands daily, ostensibly for the incredible customer service and the discounted products on offer.

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Something for the Whole Family

Teenage kids love to stop by the complex to have fun watching movies and playing arcade games. Families are fond of coming here for the excellent children entertainment amenities available for instance the amusement park called the Game Station. Couples are always coming here to spend a romantic time at one of the fine wining and dining establishment running within the mall. On special nights, the elegant ballroom holds masquerade balls and events and the events are often sold-out.

Introducing Domus Hall

The facilities come complete with 11 movie rooms each equipped with state-of-the-art HD screens for an unforgettable movie experience. The shopping complex has a one-of-a-kind inbuilt stadium having international standards acoustics. The stadium comfortably holds 3000 revelers while seated. At times, the management gets rid of the chairs to create spaces for concerts holding up to 10,000 revelers. In the past, bands and solo performing musicians have graced the stages of the stadium to thrill fans till the break of dawn.

Pubs and Spas

If there’s one thing guests fancy about being here is the mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies at the endless cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Beer lovers can check out the watering holes present at the mall as they listen to cool relaxing music. Health spas and massage parlors litter the corridors of the premises in case anyone is interested.

Reliable Security & Friendly Attendants

Many malls in Brazil, and elsewhere for that matter, are notorious for having petty criminals and thugs roaming in their vicinity. That’s not what you expect at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Here, you’ll find mall guards constantly patrolling the stalls and the parking lot facilities . To help them in their jobs there are surveillance cameras everywhere and the guards have walkies-talkies. The entire staff at the mall is required to undergo extra training to prepare them on how to handle crowds efficiently. The attendants are also very charming and friendly to the mall visitors, according to the reviews shared on TripAdvisor.com

Meet the Owner

The founder and owner of the mall is the self-made billionaires, Roberto Santiago. Mr. Santiago has lived and invested in Joao Pessoa all his life. The 58-year-old has a culture of valuing his consumers above all else and this approach has worked wonders for his businesses. Santiago started his business studies at the Pio X Marist College. The shrewd Brazilian entrepreneur later continued his learning at the University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE). Read more on Exame.